Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Electric Deads 7 Inch Reissues!

Danish punks who released three 7 inches between 82' and 84.' Their song "Fish in a Pool" appeared on Maximum Rock & Roll's classic comp 'Welcome to 1984' alongside prolific bands such as Crucifucks and Raw Power. Four of their tracks also appeared on the 'Bloodstains Across Denmark' comp released in 97.' Recently, Noise and Distortion Records reissued all three 7inches, so these once hard to find obscure punk gems are now available for your turntables. Classic female/male vocal harmonies blasting through songs with subject matter ranging from promiscuity to paranoia. Fast and primitive on tracks like "Anti-sex" and "Mind Bomb" or moody and disoriented on the likes of "Zig Zag", "30 Years" and "Compact Chaos." Original Scandinavian sound you here from bands in recent years such as The Vicious, Regulations and Gorilla Angreb.

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